Want change? Who does not?
Want success? Who does not?
Want name and fame? Probably not every one.
Want money? Why not?

And with every word I utter, you will find yourself … saying yes, And you don’t even have to believe that … then ask yourself: Who is stopping you except you? I doubt you will succeed if you think someone is there to stop you.

_________ (Your name) Have you stopped getting better ? If not, what you are going to do about? Don’t lie to yourself.When you stop lying to yourself, your life will change.

Write these lines on a piece of paper and carry with you in the wallet or paste it on the wall where you can see on a daily basis.

Can you imagine a time when you are offered an opportunity or idea, you show the keen interest. You ask the question with an intention to clear the doubt. However, the next day you go back to usual pattern and habits.

The initial excitement dies a slow death, and within a week, you are doing the same thing that makes you feel stuck however you still repeat the same.

99% of people are doing the same thing. The fact is 1% of people earns the 99% of the wealth in the world is the proof that You are NOT doing the best work even the being wealthy is not your prime motivator.

All the quotes of motivations do not work because you don’t work.

As the saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding,” if you are not moving up then you are just stuck in the same place. Simple. If you are not growing, then ….what exactly you are doing?

Imagine you are the elevator in the building of more than 30 floors. If you are not going up, then what is the feeling you go through? Being stuck. You have a choice. You have been given a life. Make it worth counting.

Here is an exciting challenge for you … Maybe you are in 20’s thinking you have 50 plus decade to do things. And if you are in 20’s then imagine how many decades of productivity – I mean real productive days are there to do something that you are proud of.

And if you are not in 20 ’s. Buy an hourglass and keep in front of your desk.I dare you to believe whatever decade you have in mind, if you are complaining or criticizing about things outside your control, you are not going to live until that time.

I realize you are having many problems … You have 24 hrs. What do you do on daily basis matters? Where is your focus will tell you how your next decade will shape up and how you are going to spend your decade?

The truth is whatever you are doing is not moving the needle towards the progress you intend to see, there is something you need to stop doing, immediately. Just stop. It’s better to flexible now and decide the next game plan. You are not a tree. Take charge of your life. Make a decision.TODAY.

Imagine for a minute that it’s a year from today ….I ask you- Hey buddy, what are the 3 proud moments of your life in last year?

Just think of what you have learned in the last few moments …Just a few decades more or who knows.You will cross the one-way bridge of life forever.

Now let me ask you an awkward question …

So what you are waiting for? Since you’re still here, I’m going to predict … Nothing will change unless you change.

Still, I have prayed for better things

1 Tell yourself the truth

2 Ideas work when you work.Write your idea.They are gifts from the universe.

3 Make a habit of finishing work.

4 Learn to say No.

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