Often, you have been pumped up to start something, maybe something or someone inspires you. I know I have been guilty of that instant enthusiasm.

It’s like promising myself to act. However, within less than a week, all gets fizzled out, and you are back to square one. You know it hurts a lot to see life staying same year and years. Nothing changes except loads of debt and some grey hairs.

In reality, you have a choice. You can stay where you are or act to get the things done. As Napoleon Hill said in his book“ Think and grow rich,” The starting point of all achievement is desire. “

So what does it mean?

Having a desire is natural. However just accepting it will be fulfilled takes deep commitment. Take a moment to pause and reflect in your life.- What are the lessons of things that you have not achieved? What is the core quality that is missing?

I choose to believe- not having a burning desire to keep remained focus or being persistent when things get hard is the primary reason for failure.  Dare to make a list of all goals; you will be surprised that “desire “ was the missing ingredients which led to an unsuccessful attempt.

Three things you must do now to achieve the goal in reality :

1 Describe your Desire – Make a habit to write it in details as it has already happened. How will you describe the environment you are seeing, the same way you explain in more information exactly you want it to happen.  The timeline is significant while expressing the desire.  Read : 12 Things All Successful People Do

2 Choose Action- Once you have all steps described, your mind will automatically looking for the opportunity to fulfill your desire. Set up your environment to trigger actions on a daily basis. Read: Why Desire Can Inhibit Success

3 Seek Mentors– Ask people for their answer to your challenges. Yes, ask for the opinion, understand, internalize, try the best ones who work and move ahead. Every view of others will have the impact of you, that’s the reason when you describe your desire in details, have the strategy of what you will be doing when things will be tough.  If your vision does not include people, it might derail the desire and make it weak. Read: The Importance of Mentorship

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