Whatever success you achieve in your life either small or significant, you will find people around you going against. That is a reality.  Your pain can be the most important motivator in life. The staying in pain is so much that you have no options except to move up. Generally, I keep them in people categories: “ Insect  Mentality “ and “ Bear Hug Mentality.”

Bear hugging type mentality is a big-hearted person who is cheerful and always keen on supporting each other. While the different type is 99% that we have to deal with on a regular day to day. Later is rare, former is readily available. Now, pull up the chair. Keep reading

What does the insect do? Keep buzzing around you. Distracting you and infecting surrounding and creating more diseases.  That’s what I am talking about. Always discouragement towards other individuals

These type of individuals you can find everywhere. Sometimes, you become like that. Trying to put hurdles in someone effort. They can’t see a single thread of happiness in whatever you do.Probably they have to stroke their ego by saying something on the name of suggestion. You ask them or not, they have perhaps something to tell you that does not make you feel elevated.

The significant value of insect mentality people is that they are struggling too in their life. You can see the results of their attitude. The uniqueness is to they like to look at things improving by explaining their observations to every experience as if they have lived 1000 years or more.

Do you have people around you? I am sure. Everyone has to go through that type of “ insect mentality “ They will complain about all things if it is right, they will say something nasty. You will be amazed at where the thoughts have come through. Their mind works non stop in reverse as I mean. Your results, your health, your success in life speaks what you think about yourself and others.

Now, the reality is more you stay in that zone, more you act like that.You will be watching your life slide away with immense potential taken away. Let’s suppose you have an idea. You ask the insect mentality, the reality is that they will find the 10 reasons why it will not work and what is not to be done. That hurts, OUCH. Its same like, you are asking for a glass of water when you are thirsty, and someone came and knocks the glass from your hand. You are expecting an encouragement however you get all the list of things that can stop you from moving ahead.

Do you have interaction with someone in your daily life?  How do you feel? Rate yourself out of 10 because I am going to give you some suggestions that can literally change your life if you work on it.

1 Respect their opinions, move on– Conversation with people with insect mentality is like playing table tennis with your colleague. They will hit the ball towards, and if you are really enthusiastic to play, you will run the ball towards them. Keep in mind, you have a choice always to interact. You can let your mind observe without trying to find your meanings. If they are complaining about someone and you are there, ask one simple questions- Will you say the same language if the person is in front of you talking to you? Respect their reply. As the saying goes– The people who talk about someone in front of you will speak about you behind your back. Read: How Successful People Handle Toxic People

2 Understand what they are trying to tell you – Sometimes, people around you trying to tell you something you have allowed to understand. Sometimes, our ego stops from seeing the other point of view. In reality, you think that you have a better experience, so you end listening. The best application of this concept is to write few nagging points of discussion and ask yourself – Do you see yourself doing it? When with whom etc. Next time, if you find yourself doing the same behavior, remind yourself they have right to observe and talk back, and you have the choice to improve. Treat them as a teacher, not as a tormentor in your life. What we resist, persist. You have a responsibility to develop and improvise. Remember nothing is terrible, it’s just the meaning makes. It’s only they see the world from their perspective, nothing more. Read more:  There are Better Things to Talk About Than Other People (and How to Gossip Less)

3 Inspire.- If now, two above mentioned things are not possible, the final choice is inspired them. Take control of your life, cut off from the negativity and focus on developing your skill set. Dazzle them with your brilliance in the way you have maintained the smile throughout the life whatever happens. Sooner or later, you will be inspiring them. At the end of the day, you will be moving up with your efforts and focus on a right thing. The ability to concentrate on what not to do is more important sometimes. You can model their attitude of buzzing around to pursue the goals till you achieve. You can learn from them to utilize it in your pursuit towards success. Read: The Simplest Ways To Inspire People And Change Their Life

So what is natural- Focusing on your self-discovery towards success or trying to change other opinions.

Handling the people with insect mentality is easy. You don’t allow yourself to become the breeding ground for those insects. Stay focused. Stay curious.

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