Have you realized that there are times when we know the fact of the matter that you are not reaching the success? You are doing everything possible. You are stretching yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and still falling short of that makes you really happy? You are trying to have a discussion. However, you try to convince someone so hard that it turns into an argument and ultimately you stopped halfway.You are aiming to save money. You went to market. Saw something available on discount and you can’t resist the temptation and bought it, ultimately to feel the buyers remorse.

Does it make sense? Often times when these things happen, I realize late that I am responsible for my actions.

3 simple daily habits that built my confidence when things go sour and you can too.

1 Understanding your own mindset- Often times, you are just arguing for the sake of keeping communication. The most significant realization is you are mentally absent and physically present in the situation. What will happen if you are driving on the highway and not aware of, accidents are bound to happen.  As you are not fully present. You keep bringing your forceful personality and ego-driven words to let others know, you can communicate better. To break this pattern- Ask yourself: a) What has happened in the past that makes me feel impatient to understand the current situation? Am I angry, frustrated or sad about the situation and that impact make me feel bitter still now? If yes, then choose the find your center. Take a deep breath. Acknowledge the mindset. Approve of yourself being short of place. Read: 5 Steps for Being Present

2 Do the thing that brings joy- If you let your thinking keeping in turmoil, it will have a ripple effect. Choose to do something that brings back the spark. Personally, I like to put some music. Watch my pet playing. Observe the moments.  Go for a walk. Take a fresh air. Call someone and surprise them. Writing the journal is also a great way to soothe the feelings. Ask yourself: What behavior I must do that can bring back the sense of joy in my life? I am not a big supporter of soothing through shopping. Reason- it can bring happiness in a rush of the moment, however, if this is the pattern of bringing the joy, it can really make your place stuffed with objects which you might never have used. Read more: 101 Ways To Bring Joy into your day 

3  Visualization- People complain it’s not easy when the mind is racing all over the place, its impossible even to take a deep breath and sit on the meditative pose to bring the calmness. And, that’s why the visualization practice is definitely a good habit. Sit for just 15 minutes. Just put the music.  See everything you want it to happen and feel it happened. It becomes more comfortable with practice.  The trick here to have the mental movie prepared in mind on a daily basis to see what you really like to have. Yes, there will be odd situation will come up which is natural. Accept it. However, when you hold the vision of final result, you will able to come up with a productive solution. Visualization basically is the practice of allowing yourself to see in the future. If you are comfortable with what you run through your mind, you will be quickly be influencing the next decision towards the better prospect.  Learn more: Visualization Techniques

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