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If you merely want to move mountains in your life I suggest going another route. If you want your world knocked off its axis so you see things from an entirely new point of view an empowered and fearless point of view, I suggest working with Rohit.



Nayan Hazra

I remember my life 3 years back: A notice from the university that my degree missed credit completion, I was nearly at losing Job. I would just keep on weeping alone at my apartment whole night, and when my eyes would get tired I would try to recall which reason was I crying for today! Luck or God or Angel, no Idea what but something got me connected to Rohit Raaman just one day and my life changed. He could not help the situation, but he helped my soul gather itself and fight back. All challenges are taken care of today, one after another, step by step… Today, I have an MBA from an AACSB accredited University, a well-paid job in Tokyo, Japan and a wonderful man in my life as my Husband who treats me as his queen. Rohit not only fight for you, he would make you strong enough to take life as it comes.

Rashmi Kumari

During late 2011, I emailed an individual asking him for help to make my life better. In reply, I did not receive just an email. I received a hope, support, commitment, faith, courage, persistence and perspective to see life in a different way. For me, Rohit is not just a mentor or a person who helps me. He is a way to approach things in a different manner to become a better person. He did not provide me a solution, but he provided me a thought process to find a solution. Rohit did not work on goals to accomplish them for me, but he worked on my mindset to provide me strength and confidence there is nothing I can not do in this life. I am still no one significant to tell someone what to do. However, today I have confidence, and it was impossible without Rohit’s efforts. He never told me what to do, but he always said whatever you are doing do it consistently. In his words, “You will not create a legacy by running 20 min in a day. However, you will create a legacy by running 20 min a day for next 30 years .” Thank you Rohit for being there for me.

Shreyas G Sali