Stuck In A Rut? – Try Something Completely Different!

Are you feeling stuck in your current circumstances? Are you feeling lost with regards to the purpose of life? Are you living your life where the constant struggle is a component of one's everyday experience? Being stuck with all sorts of problems is one of the most...

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The Ugly Truth About Why You Are Not Improving

Want change? Who does not? Want success? Who does not? Want name and fame? Probably not every one. Want money? Why not? And with every word I utter, you will find yourself ... saying yes, And you don't even have to believe that ... then ask yourself: Who is stopping...

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Little Known Ways To Rid Yourself Of Insect Mentality

Whatever success you achieve in your life either small or significant, you will find people around you going against. That is a reality.  Your pain can be the most important motivator in life. The staying in pain is so much that you have no options except to move up....

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How I Built My Confidence with a Simple Psychology Trick

Have you realized that there are times when we know the fact of the matter that you are not reaching the success? You are doing everything possible. You are stretching yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and still falling short of that makes you really happy?...

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3 Ways To Master FAILURE Without Breaking A Sweat

Look yourself in the mirror. See yourself like you are seeing yourself for the first time. What do you see? Focus on your eye. What do you feel? The  chatter of mind  starts….Here you go in less than 3 seconds. You are NOT right here. Your skin looks flabby there. You...

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How to keep your “Mojo.”

There are times I will wake up excited in my life as nothing can stop me – a feeling like a superpower. However, when the opposite happens, I feel lost. Several people and millions of example not finding enough energy even to wake up from bed or do something. If you...

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