This is My Story

My name is Rohit, and I help you identify your challenges, providing clarity, order, and structure, reducing overwhelm feeling of having“ less time and more to do “ by showing an opportunity to move forward.   My USP is not to sugarcoat your weaknesses by saying “ everything will be right at the end.” I am upfront and tell you what needs to work as if now to go into the zone where your intention is to achieve.

Four Reasons Not to Hire me as your coach

  1. I am not an all knowing individual who will give ready-made solutions for your challenges.
  2. It’s my responsibility, and I take it seriously. I am not your “ yes man” to take your money and then lie to you just to make you feel right
  3. I have had massive failures in my life even though many nice things are there to discuss with you.
  4. I am selective whom I associate with so if you are not a fit, I will tell you upfront.



  • Common sense strategy 80%
  • Value based thinking 60%
  • Mentality Re building and Development 50%
  • Result Oriented vision 90%

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